About Black Swan


Meet Max 

Max Good, owner of Black Swan, knows BBQ! Besides creating high quality sauces, he is Director of Equipment Reviews for AmazingRibs.com, by far the most popular BBQ website in the world. Good always has a dozen various grills and smokers on his deck for testing and has reviewed and rated over 600 cookers which are available online in searchable form. He is widely considered the world’s leading authority on BBQ Equipment. 

Black Swan products are the highest quality available. Our label art is superb and very attractive. We offer our export clients flexibility and attention to detail for their unique markets. 

Please contact Max Good, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, for more information: Info@BlackSwanCompany.com 

PH: 847-738-4865 

The Sauce

Our goal is to make a gourmet sauce that stands out. Black Swan produces Premium, Prestige, All-Natural BBQ Sauces. We have gotten excellent reviews in many publications including the Chicago Sun Times. Black Swan exports to Canada, Costa Rica and Indonesia. We work closely with The Food Export Association of the Midwest to insure all export orders are shipped perfectly and avoid any problems for our valued clients. We can provide custom packaging and welcome the chance to discuss new ideas for products and marketing.


Other Opinions


"A product that breaks all taste barriers!"

"Instead of mass market supermarket brands full of processed ingredients, consider standout Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce….definitely a step up "

"Super Fresh....Utterly Flawless....BUY IT!

"Perfect for the global food market today."

This is the most delicious sauce ever! I lived in Atlanta and Tennessee, been to Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas and had their versions. Gotta say, Black Swan is the best! BRAVO Black Swan!

This is by far the best BBQ sauce I have ever tried, it goes good with almost anything especially pork or sausage and chicken It has just the right amount of sweet and heat.

This was my first sauce outside of supermarket brands. The difference is remarkable. I'm no barbeque expert but I know when something is special. This sauce made the ribs very flavorful without overpowering them. Great stuff.

I was fortunate enough to win a bottle of this through BBQDryRubs.com and Holy Cow is this sauce AMAZING! It smells delicious and the taste is a perfect blend of sweet with that kiss of heat. I immediately used it on hamburgers the day it arrived followed later by a snack of Ritz crackers with a glaze of this amazing sauce. If you like a little heat and a TON of flavor you will LOVE this sauce!! I will be ordering more for gifts!!