Welcome to Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

Great on the grill or in the kitchen: you can cook with it because it’s real sauce made from fresh pureed vegetables!

"A product that breaks all taste barriers!"

"Instead of mass market supermarket brands full of processed ingredients, consider standout Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce….definitely a step up "

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Mild Sweet Cognac, Medium Original, Hot Beso Del Fuego

Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce is available in the Chicago area at select Heinen's, Pete's, Wholefoods and Woodman's. If you don't see Black Swan at your favorite store or butcher shop, ask them to get it on their shelves pronto!

All you retailers of gourmet foods, contact Fortune Fish & Gourmet to get our Black Swan Premium BBQ Sauces on your site and shelves!

A Little Background

Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce. A Labor of Love.

In 2003 Suzanne and Max Good started Black Swan Gourmet BBQ Sauce; a couple of kooks hung up on the romance of fire roasted meats and savory flavors. Lovin' life, great food, drink, friends, family and music! Here we are getting ready for one of our favorite bands, THE STRUTS.

The Journey

Max started by delivering Black Swan to a few local butchers and stores. Today, Black Swan is distributed in the US, Canada, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Look at those Ribs!

Absolutley delicious. When you and your guests sit down I want you to have a sauce that captures the time and care you put into your BBQ. We set out to create that sauce, and I can say with confidence we have a #1 contender.